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Effective Ways of Improving Your Credit Score

Building up or destroying your credit score is a process that can take a few months. Credit mishaps are some of the issues that can negatively affect your score. It can also result from problems that are difficult to control such as bankruptcy, medical bills, and divorce. Having a low score can make your life more expensive. You will be required to pay high interests rates on loans. You should always make an effort of maintaining your credit score.

This score is used in showing on-time payments, discipline, responsibility, and credit history. A low credit score can be improved naturally over time. Individuals who might have upcoming leasing and financing needs in future should make an effort of raising their scores beforehand. This can significantly help them in saving money and boosting their borrowing power. The following are the quick tips that can help you in boosting your credit score.

Disputing The Negative Marks

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Sometimes people are unable to pay their bills on time due to other commitments or emergency needs. Between juggling your family and business, payment of bills can sometimes slip your mind. There are three credit reporting bureau; Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Even if your credit report can vary a little with the three firms, you should always contact them whenever you have a dispute. You should make your disputes in writing and make several copies of everything. Spending time and being thorough can help you in boosting your scores.

Raising Your Credit Limits

Calling the existing credit card companies can help you in raising your credit limits. Individuals who have not fully utilized their credit can easily raise their limits. Even a 10 percent increase can improve your overall credit report.

Opening New Secured Credit Cards

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Individuals having a score of more than 800 should have about seven open credit cards. This is the number that you should aim for. Ideally, you should get a secured and approved credit card. This is the best way of building your credit. Individuals who have bad credit scores can also get approval for secured credit cards. Lenders can give you a credit line after putting down your deposit.

Becoming an Authorised User

This might be a bit tough for you, but it is another effective method. You can use other people who have a better rating to achieve a good rating. You can be added to their existing accounts. Individuals who have been added to other people accounts are provided with cards which are linked to those accounts.


Tips to Boost Your Tax Refund

During a tax season, many wonder how to get a tax refund instead of paying taxes. To increase the chance of you being refunded, there are several things you can consider doing. This will also ensure that your tax deductions are not being taken for advantage by tax accountants. Always ensure you plan early and stop running when the year is almost over.

Donating to a Charity


Expenses or charitable donations related to volunteering can be deducted from one’s income at tax time. Be keen in ensuring that you save all your receipts and ensure you are keeping track of all the miles you are travelling. Keenness must be applied whether you are working for charity sake or on behalf of an organization.

Contribute to IRA or 401K

Most people are thinking the only reason for contributing to a retirement fund is ensuring they are independent financially as they age. This is true, but one can also have short-term tax benefits. In most cases, the money one puts towards his/her IRA or 401K is not included in the taxable income. IRA/ 401K are also tax deductible and have helped many people in improving their living standards.

Buying a Primary Residence

In owning a house, there is a clear tax benefit. The interest you are always paying on your mortgage is all tax deductible. For the several first years, mortgage payments have gone towards interest. This radically decreases the gross income that is adjusted at tax time.

Claiming Education Credits

In tax deduction, students tuition and or loan interest may be used. The credit includes Life Time Learning Credit covering up to $2,000 per tax return. It also grants American Opportunity Credit covering up to $2,500 yearly for four years.

Investing in Solar Energy

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If you are working on improving your home, adding solar panels to your list should be considered. Solar will assist homeowners in earning up to 30% of their installation in tax credits costs. Ensure you hurry as those credits may decrease with time. Solar panels are advantageous in that they are cheap and thus many people afford to buy.

Starting a Home Business

Starting a business and maintaining it in your home will assist you in getting a new source of income. It will also give you a chance of taking all deductions of your business generated income. The deductions may include portions of your mortgage, business expenses, repairs, utilities and business start-up costs. The business will also minimize loss of income as one can closely manage the business. It will also cut down renting costs and thus gain maximum profits.